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As a cellist and cello instructor of 30+ students I am always on the look out for great instruments. I have been so pleased with the cello I recently bought for my 14 year old daughter from Juan Soto Violins. It is a beautiful German restored cello from the 1960s and has an amazing bright sound and projects a big full sound without much effort. It also looks gorgeous. He gave us a great price too. It was by far the best cello I could find in 3 states for the $3600 price I paid. I also recommend Juan Soto Violins to all my students for their cellos and have had many just as pleased as I have been. Juan also is quick to make repairs and does a high quality job with set up issues of his instruments. I completely trust his work and his products.


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Juan Soto is a very knowledgeable Luthier.  He is a true specialist in violin instrument and you can just tell he is passionate about his work!  Highly recommend!



Juan repaired and cleaned up an old violin I inherited from my family.  Not only did the instrument come out beautifully, but Juan gave us a lot of information on where it may have come from (label on the inside was removed) as well.  From start to finish, from the quality of work, to affordability and education, working with Juan was an amazingly pleasant experience.  I encourage anyone with four strings to give him a call if you need any work done at all, you will not be disappointed!!



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Dave .Rich

Juan has done a number of restorations and repairs for me over the last several years and his work is both impeccable and very reasonably priced. We owned a expensive old French violin that dried out in this desert climate and cracked all the way to the sound post. Before meeting Juan I had a different experienced Luthier do the repair. I showed the violin to Peter Prier in SLC who was interested in selling it. He said that the violin would sell for $12-15,000, however, he couldn't sell it because the repair was done incorrectly and he didn't know anyone that would tackle the job after it had been botched. Juan agreed to fix it and did a masterful job on the repair and was very reasonable on the cost. I was then able to sell the violin. Another great service is that Juan is willing to make adjustments to an instrument while you play it to make sure you get exactly the sound you are looking for. I don't believe any other Las Vegas shop will do this. Juan Soto also has instrument rentals and sales and has some extraordinary violins on hand for sale as well as some fine bows. I trust him completely.


Doug Scholl

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6 months ago-

Great Luthier. I took my violins to Mr.Soto after other local music shops refused to work on Left-handed violins (properly left handed not a conversion) He had no issue doing so and was roughly half the price of the "Family Music" stores quote (until they were told my violins were left handed and said no). I had new pegs, tailpieces, and strings replaced to get rid of the poorly made ones that came on my student violin and my inexpensive electric. He also trimmed and adjusted the bridges, all for what other places wanted to charge to do one violin. Dropped them off Friday morning and had them back Monday night! I will always take my business to him for now on. I will likely be back soon with my fathers mandolin and my great great grandfathers guitar.



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I would have to agree with all the positive reviews. Juan is very friendly, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. You get the immediate feeling that he really loves what he does and this comes through in his work. His restorations are extremely well done!


Kevin Jones

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a month ago-

Very friendly helpful and knowledgeable


Carla D.

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Excellent! Mr. Soto does wonderful work. His prices are fair, he's honest and reasonable.I have dealt with other people in town and he is the best. Always will greet you with a smile.


John Conger

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a year ago-

Mr. Soto repaired my daughters 1/10 cello needed the bridge reshaped. Juan Soto did an excellent repair for a very affordable price.