Our Rental Program .......

We are pleased to offer a rental program to meet the needs of music students and teachers who require an instrument of exceptional quality. To encourage the student to learn proper technique from the beginning and provide a more enjoyable learning experience, our instruments are adjusted to the highest standards for optimum sound and playability.


MINIMUM 90 DAY RENTAL - rental fees are billed to a credit card only every 90 days (we are sorry, but we are not able to rent by check or cash without a security deposit). 


VISA OR MASTERCARD REQUIRED - (first is a primary card, second is only used when first is declined)


REFERENCE - required (a teacher or a customer of ours) If no reference is available, we will need several months rental in advance.


CLEANING FEE - only refundable when the same instrument is later purchased; billed up-front for when an instrument is returned.

                                Violin/viola  $20

                                 Cello  $50

PRICES - Violin or viola $16-40/month, depending on value 

                  Cello $40-63/month, depending on value



First 90 days applied 100%
Subsequent payments applied 50%
Rental credit can be used towards any instrument in stock (VN, VA or C) and for up to half the retail value.


Violin Sales - Use your rental to Purchase a fine violin



Rentals include instrument, case or bag, bow, and rosin.  Please ask your teacher ahead of time what other accessories you might need (shoulder rest, endpin rest, dampits, etc)

Customers should allow 30-45 minutes for rental transaction.  Please make an appointment to rent an instrument. 



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